Hrobkovací fréza WEREMCZUK AUR4

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Model AUR4
Typ hrobkovací fréza
Rok výroby 2018
Lokalizace Polsko Niedrzwica Duża
Datum zanesení déle než jeden 1 měsíc
Autoline ID BG9956
Stav ojeté

Více podrobnosti:

Growing vegetables requires a careful and thorough soil cultivation. It is essential
for a good quality of harvested vegetables and an abundant crop. There are three main methods of growing carrots and other root vegetables: traditionally on a flat surface, on beds and on ridges. Beds and ridges are the most common solutions in the case of commercial production of carrots. This method ensures a quicker harvesting process, a good quality of vegetables and an abundant crop, since the roots are longer and better–shaped. For this purpose professional ridge forming machines are recommended, as they not only crumble and work the soil properly, but also form ridges which are drought-tolerant.
AUR machine is designed for a deep soil opening (up to 25 cm), ridge forming and soil hardening on the side surface of the ridge. It guarantees the formation of best possible ridges and beds for vegetables growing business, as well as crop’s volume and quality increase.
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